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Top 5 Soccer Betting Sites To Use For Football Betting/prediction



For my soccer punters out there I decided to create a list..ok let me say the top 5 betting sites I use for soccer predictions. I actually use these sites to predict matches and they really help me a lot anytime I stake.

NOTE: And also note that all information given by these sites are not 100% correct all the time.


1. Soccerway – On the website you get to read current user-experience and reviews of Live scores, results, fixtures, tables and most importantly you get up to date information about any team of your choice, their past match results and their upcoming matches. You may be confusing when you get to their homepage, but to use this site effectively

»» Just go to Google and Type “(team of your choice) soccerway

E.g Arsenal soccerway


In the search results just click the one link that is linking to soccerway. And that’s all. When you get to the landing page, you’ll see arsenals past matches and results and also the team they are playing with next.

2 BetShoot – Actually this is my favorite, I do visit this website all the time because their are always about 95% sure. They predict selected matches daily. You can also subscribe to their rss feed to get updated daily via your email.

3. Soccerpunter – this website is also similar to betshoot, they predict matches and post latest soccer news and you get to view head to head stats of the team of your choice.


4 Soccervista – Virtually almost every would know this one because it is very common.

5. Futbol24 – They provide livescores, soccer results, and also team statistics.

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