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Top 10 Best Yoruba Actors In Nigeria Plus Photos



Odunlade Adekola in a movie

The Yoruba movie industry is encumbered with Top actors and actresses that have contributed in various ways in the industry and have been able to carve a niche for themselves in one way or the other, which makes it possible for them to grace the Top 10 of best Yoruba actors in Nigeria.

Kindly permit me to focus this post strictly on the actors. Without wasting much time, lets go straight to the list below.


Top 10 Best Yoruba Actors In Nigeria

Yoruba Actors
Taiwo Hassan

10) Taiwo Hassan

Fondly known as the Mr. Nice guy in the Yoruba Movie Industry, always displays the role of a responsible caring and honest man in his role. Give him a character of a nice man and he’s killing it before it even gets started. He has been in the game for a very long time.

Yoruba Actors - Kunle Afolayan at movie shoot location
Kunle Afolayan

9) Kunle Afolayan
This spectacular actor cum director and producer rose to popularity in spectacular actor and director, many are of the opinion that he is by far a better director than actor.

His fans are of the opinion that He is better in the position of directing than acting. Notwithstanding, he is regarded as one of Yoruba movie actors In Nigeria.

Yoruba Actors - Ibrahim Chatta at an Interview
Ibrahim Chatta

8)  Ibrahim chatta
Talk of versatility, talk of Ibrahim Chatta, he simply can adapt to any environment in his role, be it city or rural settings from village boy to lover boy, not forgetting the role of an ifa priest or an old man. Just name it, and this has paid him dividends, kudos to him.

Yoruba Actors - Mr Latin at a movie premiere
Bolaji Amusan AKA Mr. Latin

7) Bolaji Amusan aka Mr. Latin
Having a passion for whatever you do is hard to go by without being noticed. Bolaji Amusan also known as Mr. Latin is a perfect example of such.

You can see it in his role and character towards what he does. He might not be a lead character in most movies, but he is definitely someone to watch out for in the Yoruba movie industry.

Yoruba Actors - Yinka quadri dancing at a party
Yinka Quadri

6) Yinka Quadri
He is good, as He acts different roles, for example, Babalawo/Ifa Preist, Cultist, Responsible Father, Wicked Father, Supporting character in a movie.

Yoruba Actors - kevin ikeduba
Kevin Ikeduba

5)  Kelvin Ikeduba
Hearing the name(Kelvin Ikeduba) would spring up a surprise about the connection it has got with the Yoruba movie industry. His dynamism is truly one of a kind.

He is known for picking up the characters of Mr. Hardman which mainly has to do with criminal roles, and his physique makes him the perfect call for that character.

Kelvin Ikedubahe speaks Yoruba so fluently that one would confuse him to be a son of the soil (omo Oduduwa). Watch out for his movies.

Yoruba Actors - sanyeri - afonja
Afonja Olaniyi AKA Sanyeri

4) Afonja Olaniyi AKA Sanyeri
Feeling down and need to crack ya ribs as Julius Agwu would always say? Then grab a copy of any movie Sanyeri stars. He is referred to as Comedy Specialist in the yollywood industry.  

He is remarkable in what he does so this should not spring up as a surprise in the minds of people who truly know him in the Yoruba movie scenes.

Yoruba Actors - OGA BELLO
Adebayo Salami AKA Oga Bello

3) Adebayo Salami aka Oga Bello
This is a household name in Yoruba, The multi-talented Yoruba actor has tried and refined so many roles in Yoruba movies. He is also regarded as one of the best Yoruba actors in Nigeria.

Yoruba Actors - Femi Adebayo photoshoot
Femi Adebayo

2) Femi Adeyabo
He has spent so much time in the industry and He has always been on the top of his game, He gives his best to movies no matter the budget.

Yoruba Actors - Odunlade Adekola in a movie
Odunlade Adekola

1) Odunlade Adekola
Talk of dynamism plus perfectionism, the multi award-winning actor Odunlade Odunkola has got it all. They say, the secret of success is the consistency to pursue, this has worked for this young man.

He is at the beck and call of every good movie producer and he is well priced. His humility has kept him in the good books of his colleagues.

He has won the award for Best Yoruba actor for 3 years successively. Though success is not calculated by the number of awards won, this does not stop Odunlade Adekola from being the current best Yoruba actor in Nigeria.

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  1. Adeshewa

    March 24, 2016 at 4:03 pm

    What of funk akindele,,abeg include am now DAS my role model

    • NigerianMedia

      March 24, 2016 at 4:12 pm

      We talked about top 10 best yoruba male actors in Nigeria in the post and not actresses.

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