My Journey to Becoming A Digital Marketer

Olayinka Olayokun - My journey to becoming a digital marketer
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This article is giving me a nostalgic feeling and I believe some of you reading will be able to relate well. I was part of the generation that was constantly looking for free browsing tips or cheat sheets for Java phones or Symbian phones. LOL. Our to-go platforms are Naijaloaded, Nairaland, Ogbonge blog, and the list goes on and on. The internet to us was used mainly to read the news, chat with friends on 2go, Hi5, and a host of other trending social media platforms back then.

Even when a lot of our lecturers in the university back then cannot use the internet nor their phones to browse the world wide web, they’ll tell us to go just to prove that they are aware and by the time I was to write my final year project, it wasn’t hard because I was already familiar with the internet. I also helped a lot of my mates carry out some research using my Nokia N70 to support their project works. Little did I know that I was gathering research assistant skills until I graduated and a job opportunity to work as research assistance in a school came calling, which I gladly took.

Lesson number one, passive learning comes in different ways but you must learn to channel the learning in the right direction. Some colleagues never transmitted the knowledge back then into something useful while some used it to defraud many.

I will try to break my learnings in to the different digital channels;

Social media was known as Facebook as far back as 2010 and while carrying out my duties as a research assistant, I discovered facebook for business, how to create facebook pages for businesses and so much more. I also learnt about Pinterest, blogspot, wordpress, youtube, google plus et ce tera. I tested my knowledge creating pages for my then employer and built the followership but got stuck when I couldn’t run a promotion but I didn’t relent, I kept looking for how tos till I found a Social media examiner platform that helped to reshape all the knowledge acquired about social media.

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was picked up to document my daily experience using wordpress and then my first mentor – Tyler moore, came along with a video that drew my attention to website development. How To Make a Blog – Step by Step for Beginners!. I learnt about domain names, hosting, self hosted wordpress and its components, such as widget, header, footer, pages etc. I was able to build a couple of blogs for myself and even built for a client – Single Naija Mum. I handled branding , website development and content migration from blogspot to wordpress.

By 2013, I have added graphics design/ branding using photoshop and corel draw, website development using wordpress, blogging to my social media stack and this enabled me land a new Job in a PR agency – Blackhouse Media group as a social media executive. I was privileged to learn on the job working on Nigerian brewery brands such as Gulder, Star, Heineken, Strong bow and many more. Other brands I worked on are Verve, Hennesy, Headies Award, Campari, Hard Rock Cafe and a lot more. The job provided me with all the information and knowledge about the industry, public relations in nigeria, fashion industry, how to manage public relation for brands, crisis management, target audience, how to prepare a public plan for a brand, execute, manage and control the same for the brands in an effective and efficient manner.

After spending 2 years actively working on several projects and diverse brand accounts, I realized that PR is not complete in itself as it fails to give brands adequate answers to the ROI questions. It cannot guarantee the number of results other than show Facebook likes, comments on posts, retweets, comments on blogs, print mentions, radio hypes, etc. This is what drove into data.

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I stumbled on Google analytics while browsing the web one day and discovered that it delivers reports of how users are interacting with the brand’s website, where the traffic is coming from, the age range of visitors, how long they stay the website, the most visited pages and so much more. As I dug deeper, I came across Google ads and I started playing around with the setup until the agency got a gig to execute an app installation campaign. I was very instrumental in the execution of the campaign, though it wasn’t so good but it wasn’t so bad.

My Journey to Becoming A Digital Marketer -

After this, our boss ATG – Ayeni Adekunle in February 2015 dragged me, Prince Ehima, and Femi Falodun from our comfy little office in BHM, (the digital media office) to start up a digital content agency then named Infodigital Africa but was rebranded to ID Africa. That little outfit managed to execute over 150 campaigns for various organizations, brands, and businesses. In 48 months, we created over 20,000 hours of video content, amassed over 15 million video views on 5 digital channels, and average year-on-year revenue growth of over 40%.

My Journey to Becoming A Digital Marketer -

I have moved from working for the agency to brands in Real estate, sports betting, financial institutions, and now in the luxury industry.

All through my career till now, I have not had a formal learning hence the reason i took advantage of the Nano Degree opportunity provided by CXL Institute to learn Growth Marketing. I have learnt that growth doesn’t happen by chance, it is planned with series of test and optimisation.

If you’re interested in growth marketing, I recommend CXL Institute Nano Degree.

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