Interview Questions – Top 20 Job Interview Questions and Answers in Nigeria

What are the common job interview questions and answers Nigerians are asked most frequently at job interviews? Do you need interview tips to make the best impression? Then read on and learn more!

Getting ready for an interview is one of the keys to successful job application process. Once a professional and creative resume is crafted, and you have received a number of positive responses to it, it’s time for you to start working on your interview preparation.
There are a lot of pitfalls concerning the job interview question one has to be aware of. That is the reason why we have created a list of the most frequently asked job interview questions and answers in Nigeria. With our list, you are destined to impress the potential hire and ensure that you will be the one who gets the job despite the huge competition.
So, let’s learn more about job interviews in Nigeria and see what questions you should be ready to answer them.

Most frequent questions and answers at Nigerian job interviews

How did you learn about our company?

Even though one can answer directly “On the Internet,” hirers typically look for something different than merely stating where exactly you first learnt about this particular company.

Why have you decided to change the previous job?

This question can be rather tricky, and you have to choose your answer very carefully. You don’t want to say anything about the previous place of work, as employers don’t like people who say bad things about their hires.
Thus, you should rather mention something about your passion for growing professionally or gaining new knowledge. If it is the truth to state that you have learnt and everything you could there, and now is the perfect time for you to move on. This way, they will see your desire to grow and loyalty to the company you worked for.

Why should we pick you among the other candidates?

Here comes the show time. You need to sell your candidacy for a position. List your strengths and demonstrate how you believe this company can benefit from each of them. Mention that you like and value everything this company is doing, and you feel that you are on the same way with them. Among many job interview questions, this one is what you should take into consideration and answer beforehand. Don’t be caught by surprise, as you might shy away and not make the impression you wanted to leave them with.

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What is your biggest strength?

When picking just one strength, mention that you have lots of them, but then state the biggest one which is relevant and useful to the position you apply for. For instance, if you apply for a position of Customer Support Representative, you can mention patience, never-ending energy and passion about working with people. Don’t say that you’re good with children or whatever else you might find useful here, but rather mention something specific and beneficial to the company.

What is your biggest weakness?

Well, you don’t have to tell them about all of your weaknesses, but you can mention something not related to the area you are going to work in. The thing is that you should not ruin your image but rather strengthen it by answering all of these questions. Thus, you can also say when answering this interview question that you used to have a weakness, but you improved it significantly.

What is an achievement you are proud of?

Hirers want to employ people who are determined and can achieve new heights in what they do, Thus, by mentioning that you had individual goals and thanks to your determination and desire to outdo yourself you achieved more you increase the chances of getting the position you want. Besides, you can also mention why you chose this goal and how exactly you made it possible.

Where do you want to be in five years?

Again, this question is close to the previous one and is aiming to identify how determined you are in doing what you are doing. Are you a good leader? Are you proactive and willing to do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true? How do you feel about going at length to achieve something?

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What are your expectations from the new position?

It’s easy: just list everything there was on the position description and say that you want to learn all of the skills required for this place.

What salary do you expect to get?

If the salary is not mentioned in the job description, then you will need to analyze the market and see what salaries are typically offered for similar positions. Don’t sell your time and skills too cheap. Besides, when the price is too low, hirers might get an idea that you are not a very specialist given that you don’t think that your job doesn’t cost much. However, don’t ask for too much if you are not experienced or qualified enough for the job.

How can our company benefit from having you?

When answering this question, you will need to list your strengths as well as qualifications which make you a perfect candidate. Moreover, you should describe why you believe that you are an excellent team player. You can even mention an example of a dispute which you settled at the previous company.

How do you think you would handle all the responsibilities?

Employers typically want to hear whether you have a plan and an idea of to do what is required. So, if you have prior experience in this area, share it with others and let them see what an asset you will be to their team.

If your friends could describe you in one word, what would it be?

Don’t rush into answering this interview question. Think twice before giving an answer, as this description can improve or worsen one’s idea about you and your personality. So, come up with an answer before the interview.

What would you like to know about our company?

It is important to show that you are interested in learning about the company. Besides, you can demonstrate what you know about the employer. So, start your question with saying some facts about them and then ask for more details in a particular area.

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When can you start working?

Depending on whether you are currently employed or unemployed, the answer will be different. So, don’t promise to start right away, if you still have to finish things with your previous company.

What would you do in the first three months of working for us?

To answer such questions, one needs a clear understanding of what the job he is applying for centers around as well as what this company specializes in. So, conduct research and use common sense to explain how exactly you will tackle the job.

Are you stress-resistant?

There are jobs especially the ones which require much work with people that will be rather stressful. That is why employers find it necessary to learn whether their employees can handle the levels of particular stress positions require. It’s important, to be honest here. Otherwise, you can be offered a position which you don’t know how to deal with better.

What would you improve about our company?

The person interviewing you is not looking for discouragement but is wondering how well you know what their business is specialized in. In case you find yourself with no answer whatsoever, joke that they have everything a leading company should have. The only missing thing is you.

What are your religious convictions?

Such a question should not be asked at all, but sometimes hirers ask them and can be about your religious beliefs. Try not to start the conflict even if your beliefs are entirely different, but rather try to go back to the professional questions.

What do you know about polar bears?

Some companies ask such tricky questions just to see how you would respond and whether you will get all nervous. So, instead of panicking, try to find some useful information about polar bears hiding in your brain somewhere.

What other companies do you want to work for?

Don’t answer this. Just say that you really want to work for them. That’ll do it. We hope that with our job interview questions and answers in Nigeria you feel encouraged and ready to go for a successful interview.

Good luck!



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