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Flavour and Phyno: Who is the Richest in (Net Worth)



Flavour and Phyno: Who is the Richest in (Net Worth) - dele momodu's net worth
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There’s been a lot of talks about the richest musicians in Nigeria and It’s now gone as far as comparing two artist, which is why I am writing about Phyno and Flavour, who is the richest? These two great musicians in Nigeria always get the girls screaming. Talking about music, they both do different genres of music and this means, the best cannot be simply picked.

One obviously thing common to them both is their cash – Ego.


Someone definitely has a better account, but Who exactly is it? That’s the reason we are asking Who is the richest between Phyno Fino and Flavour Nabania? As if that’s not enough, these two guys are Ibo boys. That is, they both rule in different music genre yet have “Ibotic” accent and also Easternans.

Flavour Nabania’s  Net Worth & Endorsement Deals


Mr Falour Nabania is one of the Nigerian music artists that have released multiple several hit songs and has made a lot of money from the sale of the music album, show bookings(In and outside the country), and music videos.


It is no doubt that is the Ada Ada crooner is a top notch singer and has been on different stages within and outside the country because of his modern highlife music. It is also not surprising that he has signed a couple of endorsement deals with the likes of Life Beer by Nigerian Breweries company and so much more.

In 2014, Falour Nabania also signed a 2 years deal with Guinness Nigeria and it was after these contract that he signed with NBC IN 2016.Flavour also struck a 2-year deal with the brand in April 2016 and later inked another endorsement deal Flat Tummy Tea brand in August 2016. Flavour has an estimated net worth of $7.9 million US dollars.

In April 2016, He was also able to strike a deal with Flat Tummy Tea, A 2 years deal worth undisclosed amount of millions.Flavour has an estimated net worth of $7.9 million US dollars.


With all of this and more, Flavour is estimated to have a net worth of $7.9 million – Seven Million and Nine hundred Thousand US dollars.

Phyno Fino’s Net Worth & Endorsement Deals

Phyno Fino

Phyno Fino will be a Legend like 2face if he continues the way he is doing things as a Nigerian Indigenous rapper because he is leading a trend in the East and has topped many music charts with so many of his hit singles and collaborations.


His stage name Phyno, which is derived from the word ‘phenomenal’, was the nickname given to him by one of his high school friends.

We all know “Connect” and “Fada Fada”. These two songs are still getting airplay and rocking the airways in Nigeria and some other countries. Just like Flavour Nabania, Phyno Fino also got an endorsement deal from Guinness Nigeria.

The “Alobam” crooner’s classy taste has no class as he owns several assets that are worth millions of naira in Nigeria alone such as duplex worth N70 million, a Bentley GT Coupé worth N28 million, and another duplex in Lekki worth N168 million.


He has also gotten many other endorsement deals from the likes of NairaBet – mega sports betting company as their brand ambassador, A Smart phone brand and evens telecoms company like Airtel back then in 2014.

Phyno’s Airtel endorsement deal was reportedly worth over N50 million. Alobam crooner, Phyno, has an estimated net worth of $4.5 million US dollars.

In all, Phyno Fino is estimated to have a net worth of $4.5 million – 4 Million and 5 Hundred US dollars.


Now you are the judge, Between Flavour and Phyno – Who is the Richest?

By leaving you points the comment section below…

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