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All You Need To Know About Payoneer and How To Get a Free Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria



Payoneer is a payment gateway services like PayPal, GTpay and Perfect Money. It allows you to send and receive money locally and internationally. This article will tell all you need to know about Payoneer and guide you on how you can apply and get free Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria.

It was founded in 2005 and is based in New York, USA. Payoneer is a great alternative to PayPal in Nigeria, it allows you to receive and pay money anywhere across its 200 supported countries and 70 supported currencies. Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard card is issued by Choice Bank Limited, Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd (“WDCS”).


Features of Payoneer Account and what you get for signing up.

  • Sign Up is free.
  • Once registration is approved, you get a free US bank account.
  • Free Payoneer MasterCard will be shipped to your address in Nigeria or to any nearest post office. ThisMasterCardd works on any local ATM machine across the globe.
  • You get free $25 when your refer someone or someone use your referral code to register. Your account will only be credited with the $25 after your referral has receive or send at least $100.
  • Getting your own free payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria allows you to receive payments from any where in world and purchase anything in the world. It is accepted by virtually all eCommerce site worldwide.
  • You can apply for US, UK and European MasterCard in Nigeria, to run your buying and selling business.

I know you are now eager to apply and get your own free Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria, follow the steps below to do so.

  1. Navigate to ( and sign up for a free account.
  2. Input your name, address, date of birth (DOB) etc as it is in the national ID card you want to use for verification.
  3. Set password, Security Question and Answer and select your ID type eg drivers license and provide the details of the ID as required.
  4. Enter alternate shipping address if different from the address you provided earlier. This is the address your free Payoneer debit card will be shipped to in Nigeria.
  5. Click on the Order button when you are through.

Your application will be reviewed and if approved, you will receive notification via email. The notification will contain information about when you should expect your free Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria.

How to Get Payoneer Card Faster and Fund it in Nigeria.

The debit card will be shipped to the billing address you provided during registration. If you did not receive Payoneer MasterCard after 2-3 weeks of approval, go to the nearest post office and ask for your card.

Estimated time of arrival (ETA) varies with different locations and states in Nigeria. Most people in South Western part of Nigeria like Lagos, Ogun and Osun receive their debit card in 2-4 weeks. While it usually takes 3-7 weeks to get to other parts of the country.

Once you receive the card, sign in to Payoneer website to activate your free Payoneer Mastercard in Nigeria. You will be asked for the 16 digit number on the card, expiry date and CVV at the back of the card.


Congratulations, you just get and activate your free Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria and you can start using it for receiving and paying online.

You can fund a Payoneer MasterCard by transferring funds to it from another Payoneer account, from a master card, verve card and visa card anywhere in the world. You can also fund it when you use it to receive money.

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