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7 things you need to know as an undergraduate.



As an undergraduate, we do have dreams about the better picture of a desirable future at one point or the other in our lives. Dreams such as; getting a degree, securing a dream job, making big money  and being on everyone’s checklist.

  Meeting assignment deadlines and writing exams seems challenging as an undergraduate but those are nothing when compared with the drills of applying for a job and actually securing one when you finally become a graduate.  In actual fact, Nigeria produces more graduates than it can offer jobs which make securing a job highly competitive. Real life demands more than just a degree. To equip yourself for life after school you should review all of these 7 things as an undergraduate.


Focus on skills development:  Like the popular saying goes” don’t let school pass through you but pass through the school”. It is important to broaden your thoughts and learn more than what the books can offer such as gaining additional skills, building team work, and personal development. As undergraduate, academics skills are important but what most students do is underestimate the importance of vocational skills.

Love your course:  To be in a schooling environment for 4years or more reading what you most enjoy is as satisfying as finding a purpose. As undergraduate, think through before choosing your major course and try to research about the institutions. To know what course to choose is to figure out the subjects that best interest you and also earn you some livelihood.


Socialize: Get out of your hostel make connections and socialize with new people. To socialize means to be alive, join relevant associations on campus that can help you build connections which will give you an upper hand in your personal life and career. As undergraduate, it is easier to get a job with larger social network and good social skills can be an added advantage in securing a job.

 Identify your Career: Most undergraduate in Nigeria look forward to a better job prospects once they graduate. A thorough research about preposition in your field helps you get more focused and motivated as regards to your career. We have job seeking websites who give a lot of information about internship openings available for undergraduates (  . They can largely help to shape your future goals as regards professional course to be taken. Moreover, you get an iota of what is expected of you after school.

Gain Experience:  I know you’ve heard this severally that fresh graduates with no experience are usually paid peanuts. As an undergraduate, during studies or summer break enroll as a volunteer, not for the money but for the experience. Put the experience on your resume because in addition to a good GPA, good experience of the job beforehand can stand you out.


 Money management:   As an undergraduate, campus years are practically difficult financially because they have to pay for their tuition, books and living expenses, all on a low monthly allowance for an average Nigerian undergraduate. Parents are not able to pay for the entire college experience of an undergraduate, hence, it is necessary to learn how to live within your means which will go a long way in helping you to live within a monthly financial budget after you’ve gotten that BIG JOB.


Believe in yourself: Learning to manage your expectations of how events of our lives will turn out is what it means to believe in one and not look back. We all have plans and wishes but unfortunately things don’t usually work out the way we hope. As undergraduates, it is important you learn to believe in your abilities and to expect surprises which make it a lot easier for them to adjust to the new life.


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