2017 Top Latest Ankara Styles for Men Anywhere in the World

Ankara was initially believed to be common only with local market women. In recent time, different styles of latest design are now being sewn with it even by celebrities. Men and guys who were never thoughts to go for Ankara are now coming out with stylish Ankara dresses.

Ankara has different grades with different prices starting for 1,000 naira for six yards to 12,000 naira for the same number of yards. The cheapest ones are too inferior as they get faded from the first wash. More so, it is not worthy to sew a very nice style with a bad fabric.

To get the best output for your clothes, the fabric should be of good quality and it should be a design that really suits the style. One of the beauties of Ankara fabrics is that they have variety of designs

Latest 2016 Styles Men and Guys can Sew Ankara with

Suits and Blazers: Suits and blazers are conventionally known with a formal occasion, but the consequence of Ankara suit is that it is never fit to be worn to a formal gathering. It could only be worn to dinner parties, birthday parties or fashion show.

Shirts: Just like the Ankara suit, Ankara shirt appears to be casual than the normal shirt. Many people who don’t like Native dresses would want to sew Ankara in an English way.

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Buba and Sokoto: This is the original native wear Ankara was known for especially with men and guys. Now there are beautiful native styles of different form Ankara can be sewn with different from the simple style.

One of the benefits of Ankara is its dynamic usage. Ankara can be mixed with plain materials of any type, as some Ankaras are sold in “plain and pattern” form. They are always very beautiful if sewn nicely and neatly by a good tailor.




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